About Us

The [VACUNAIR] is a Quality company. Quality is the basic business principle for the [VACUNAIR]. Quality means providing our customers with innovative products and service that fully satisfy your requirements.

The company was established in 1965 by setting up a modern manufacturing units and pioneering the manufacture of various products such as Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors, Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Fans, Oil / Gas Firing Equipments (Burners) and Pneumatic Conveying Systems. Since then there has been no looking back and [VACUNAIR] has strengthened it's capacity and products to become a major manufacturer of entire range of VACUUM TECHNOLOGY, AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING, COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL DRYING AND PROCESS HEATING machines. 

With its Head Office and manufacturing factories located in Ahmedabad, India, company's highly efficient designed products are popular among all major growing companies in India and over many countries around the world.

We have successfully completed many turnkey projects from concept to commissioning covering civil, electrical and structural jobs along with supply of Boilers, Gensets and many other equipment in India and other parts of the world.

Through creative performance and technical competence of our experienced team we are intending to achieve our long standing goal to extend best possible services to all our clients.

[VACUNAIR] believes in and Commits itself to ONCE A CUSTOMER ALWAYS A CUSTOMER.

Our Mission:


[ VACUNAIR ] has only one goal; to deliver quality equipment in a timely and professional manner. Our services, supported by the knowledge and acre of our fine people, keep our customers safely and efficiently on-line."

"In early days and even now today, many industries who faced with the problem for selecting efficient equipment in the above field, we provide to them most useful technically sound Consultation."

Our business is to combine technology, managerial skill, innovation, experience, judgement and responsibility to provide the added value which ensures customer satisfaction. In harmony of our pioneering spirits, the engineering skill and the knowledge accmulated vis-a-vis strategic vision, productive learning and benchmarking, we will do our best endeavours to presume excellence in performance in all areas relating to design, research, development manufacturing, sales and customer service.

We have abiding concern and utmost care for the progressive evolution of all of our products. We aim to keep this in sharper focus and the highest degree of self esteem and pride that we are fortunate to be in this industry.

Wide Range of Products:


[ VACUNAIR ] range of Products used in vivid industry from Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Paper, Refinery to Food Processing plants. We have successfully completed many trunkey projects from concept to commissioning covering civil, electrical and structural jobs alongwith supply of Boilers in India and other parts of the world.

Design & Systems:

AEROMATIC® Design & Systems

[ VACUNAIR ] products are designed by our highly technical staff and computer aided engineering department to meet the prime requirements of our clients. We emphasize giving solutions based on maximum efficiency at minimum cost improving overall quality at a level of sophistication for our customers, taking care of optimal topographic, agro climatic and manpower conditions. All the equipments are of very high standards of design and workmanship with a clear concept on energy conservation.

International Quality Management Standards (ISO 9001):

AEROMATIC® ISO 9001 Quality

[ VACUNAIR ] has provided the best equipments and technical know-how for thousands of installation in India and all over the world. Modern production facilities along with testing, inspection and quality control system according to ISO 9001 enable us to meet the challenges. Our experienced staff and vibrant R & D center makes us meet the strict demands of varied production standards.

The company places special emphasis on quality products and tailor made systems backed by professional expertise. Internal research and high quality standards prompts us to stay in the forefront of technology in India and abroad.

AEROMATIC®'s quality management system has been registered for scientific R&D and the provision of internal services by LRQA to ISO 9001: 1994.

Management System:

AEROMATIC® Management System

Our highly trained network of sales engineers are knowledgeable in the application of our products in a wide variety of industrial markets. Backed by our factory Technical Services staff, they are your first resource for entire range of VACUUM TECHNOLOGY, AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING, COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL DRYING AND PROCESS HEATING technology questions.

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