Oil Sealed High Vacuum Pump

 »  VACUUM TECHNOLOGY is an art, please consult us for your specific vacuum needs.
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General Information/Operating Principle:

A balanced cylindrical rotor with hollow hub with series of curved blades running freely in eccentric casing. The sufficient sealing liquid, usually water, forms a solid ring on periphery of casing due to the centrifugal force. Since rotor is rotated in eccentric casing the blade creates working spaces whose volume increases as rotor rotates from lower to upper vertex and decreases as the rotor rotates from upper to lower vertex. The uniform distribution of working spaces on rotor periphery results in continuous suction and exhaust of gases.

Special Features:
 » LOW ULTIMATE BLANK - OFF Down to 0.1 micron Hg. and less.
 » HIGH EFFICIENCY - Even in the low Micron range.
 » UNIFORMLY HIGH PUMPING SPEED - Throughout the broad range of 500 to 10 microns.
 » RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - Designed and built for long, dependable service, even in severe applications, no special tools needed for maintenance.
 » MINIMUM FLOOR SPACE - Unique modular design features compactness saves up to 50% of floor space required by conventional pumps.
 » COMPLETELY PACKAGED - Including Separator Tank, Oil Level Indicator, Oil lubrication solenoide valve, Gas ballast, Common base plate, set of pulley, set of vee belt & motor slide rail etc.
 » MINIMUM VIBRATION - Controlled balancing of the entire assembled unit reduces vibration to minimum.
 » QUITE OPERATION - New valve design virtually eliminates valve maintenance and greatly reduces the noise usually present in high vacuum pumps.
 » AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM - As soon as the pump starts, a solenoide valve takes over control of lubrication, providing proper flow of oil to sealing surfaces, When the pump is stopped, the valve prevents back flow of oil into the system. Operation is automatic with no hand valves to adjust.
 » EFFICIENT OIL ENTRAINMENT - Exclusive built in entrainment separator substantially reduces oil carry-over and exhaust fumes minimizes oil losses and maintenance costs. Separator is completely integral with pump required no added space.
 » PERFORMANCE ASSURED - Rigid quality control throughout production and complete final inspection including blank-off test and run in period are standard. This guarantees that the Oil Sealed High Vacuum Pumps you receive meets or surpasses all performance specifications.

Material of Construction:
 » The Pump can be supplied in several materials to suit various applications, some of the materials of constructions are listed below.
 » All graded Cast Iron with EN-8 steel shaft.
 » Rotor and Control Plates in Bronze with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » All parts in Bronze with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » Rotor and Control Plates in Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » All Stainless Steel constructions.
 » Rubber lined Pump having casing, rotor, control plate and end cover in cast iron but rubber lined and shaft in Stainless Steel.
 » Alloy - 20, Cast Alloys, Cast Steel

 » Chemical Processing: Vacuum Dehydration, Deaeration, Distillation, Vacuum Evaporation, Drying and Filteration.
 » Food Processing: Vacuum sealing of bottles, Film Packing, Deaeration of Beverages, Freeze drying of Fruits, Vegetables.
 » Agriculture: Vegetables Colling, Grain Drying, Fumigation.
 » Petroleum & Petrochemicals: Vacuum Distillation and Refining Crude.
 » Plastic: Vacuum Forming, Moulding and Coating of Plastic Materials.
 » Textiles: Vacuum Drying, Dying, Material Handling and Solvent Extraction.
 » Metallurgy: Vacuum Degassing, Purification, Melting, Heat Treating and Inpregnation.
 » Laboratories: House Vacuum System, Chamber Evacuation, Research and Development.
 » If you have an unusual application or if you would like to know if you can use any of the product for your application, please let us know! e-mail us.