Water Ring Vacuum Pump / Compressors

 »  VACUUM TECHNOLOGY is an art, please consult us for your specific vacuum needs.

 General Information/Operating Principle:
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 » A balanced cylindrical rotor with hollow hub with series of curved blades running freely in eccentric casing. The sufficient sealing liquid, usually water, forms a solid ring on periphery of casing due to the centrifugal force. Since rotor is rotated in eccentric casing the blade creates working spaces whose volume increases as rotor rotates from lower to upper vertex and decreases as the rotor rotates from upper to lower vertex. The uniform distribution of working spaces on rotor periphery results in continuous suction and exhaust of gases.

 Special Features:
 » "Aeromatic" Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps/Compressors have only one rotating part, a balanced rotor running with close clearances without any metallic contact with other parts.
 » There is only one rotating part - balanced rotor running with close clearances without any metallic contact with other parts.
 » No lubrication is required and air or gas handled is oil free.
 » The Pump can handle hot and saturated vapours. Vapours are condensed by cool seal water.
 » Air is compressed by rotating water ring radially and since inlet and outlet are ports are radial, the Pump can comfortably handle dust, fibers and foreign matter with seal water.
 » The Pump can handle more seal water and hence for many of the applications receivers are not required.
 » The Pump has cylindrical control plates having ample area for inlet/outlet port fitted with close clearances to the rotor. Axial clearances are not to be maintained and so it is very easy while in maintenance. A fitter conversant with Centrifugal Pump can handle our Vacuum Pump very conveniently. Surprisingly this Pump maintenance is less than an electric motor.
 » Pressurised gland system ensures leakages of atmospheric air into the Pump.
 » Unloaded valves are provided to throw out any foreign solid particles like any process fibers / pulp, thus increasing life of the Pump and decreasing over all maintenance.
 » Low Power and Water consumption.
 » Control plate clearances are not affected by small variation in Axial length / Axial position of the rotor.
 » Ball / Roller bearings on both sides are floating and have small axial movement as in a Electric Motor.
 » Control Plate port angle selected on basis of specific operating condition which reduces over compression & power.
 » The foreign matter entering in to the Pump is continuously removed while the Pump is in working.
 » The Pump gives non-pulsating vacuum because the air is pre-compressed before it leaves the Pump.
 » The Pump has won "NATIONAL AWARD" from National Research Development Corporation of India for its Non Pulsating Vacuum.
 » The design has been Patented.

 Material of Construction:
 » The Pump can be supplied in several materials to suit various applications, some of the materials of constructions are listed below.
 » All graded Cast Iron with EN-8 steel shaft.
 » Rotor and Control Plates in Bronze with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » All parts in Bronze with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » Rotor and Control Plates in Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Shaft.
 » All Stainless Steel constructions.
 » Rubber lined Pump having casing, rotor, control plate and end cover in cast iron but rubber lined and shaft in Stainless Steel.
 » Alloy - 20, Cast Alloys, Cast Steel

 » Paper Plant                                                   
 » Sugar Plant
 » Textile Industries
 » Thermal & Hydro Power Plant
 » Mines Industries
 » Coal Preparation Plants
 » Chemicals Plants
 » Pharmaceuticals
 » Refinery
 » Breweries and Distilleries
 » Railways
 » Shipping
 » Tyre Industries
 » Plastics
 » Rolling Mill
 » Metallurgy
 » Agriculture
 » Petroleum & Petrochemicals
 » Laboratories
 » Dairy Products
 » Foundry
 » Ceramic Industries
 » Road Equipments and many more
 » If you have an unusual application or if you would like to know if you can use any of the product for your application, please let us know! e-mail us.


 Details required for Quotation:
 » Application
 » Capacity (M3/Hr or CFM)
 » Vacuum (inch WG or mm WG)
 » Seal Water Temperature (°F or °C)
 » Air Gas Temperature (°F or °C)
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