Centrifugal Air Blower

 »  AIR HANDLING ENGINEERING is an art, please consult us for your specific air handling needs.
 » Series HF AEROMATIC High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Blowers / Fans are a new concept in Fan Engineering. Each type 14 to 40 has different specific speed for best efficiency. Each type has various sizes selected from basic log series of preferred numbers. This has made it possible to select the best type and size for a given speed, capacity and pressure. Selection of SWSI / DWDI / Multistage is based on specific speed for a suitable type for best efficiency.

Special Features:
 » Series of high efficiency fans are a new concept in fan Engineering. Each type 14 to 40 has different specific speed for best efficiency
 » Can handle Air / Hot flow gases / Corrosive gases / Dust / Fiber / Powder material
 » Unique bearing pedestal design for longer bearing life / easy alignment
 » Impeller is backward curved / backward inclined / radial / forward curved selected to suit the application. Impeller is dynamically balanced
 » Single / Multi stage design

Material of Construction:
 » Carbon Steel
 » Stainless Steel
 » Aluminium
 » Rubber Lined
 » Epoxy Painted
 » Fiber Glass Lined
 » Clorinated Rubber Painted
 » Corrosion and Acid resistant fans
 » Wear protected fans
 » Explosion protected fans
 » Gas tight fans
 » Poisonous and Risky gas fans

 » Ball Bearings
 » Roller Bearings
 » Oil Lubricated Bearings
 » Grease Lubricated Bearings
 » White Metal Lined Bush Bearings
 » Water Cooled Bearings

Shaft Seals:
 » Metal Asbestos Seal
 » Labirinth Seals
 » Packed Stuffing Box
 » Stuffing Box with Intermediated Pressure Relief Chamber

 » Steel fabricated welded construction braced with steel flats and angles. Split casing can be provided for large sizes. Inspection door and drain plug can be provided.

 » Impeller can be made in light, medium and heavy construction Class I, II and III.
 » Steel or Cast Iron hub will be welded, bolted or rivetted.
 » Impeller will be Statically and Dynamically balanced.

 » Shafts are on EN - 8 steel properly sized to keep away from critical speed.

Bearing Life:
 » Bearings are designed for Long Life. This life can be attained when properly lubricated, kept clean, tensioning belts correctly and keeping Impeller clean and balanced. Smaller vee pulleys and improper belt tension reduces the life considerably. Proper care and lubrication increase the life beyond this.

Vibration isolaters and flexible connection at inlet and outlet can be minimise transmission of vibration and noise to building structure and ducts.

 » For Handling Air
 » For Handling Hot Flue Gases
 » For Handling Dust
 » For Handling Air
 » For Handling Fibres Material
 » For Handling Corrosive Gases

Details required for Quotation:
 » Application
 » Gas to be handle
 » Capacity (M3/Hr or CFM)
 » Pressure (inch WG or mm WG)
 » Working Temperature (°F or °C)
 » Type of Drive
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